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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Nest Migration: New Generation Of Pokemon Takes Over Gen 1 Nests

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Nest
Source: Niantic Nintendo “The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded!” video

Along with the recent implementation of the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 creatures, players noticed another nest migration just recently. Players reported that some nests have been changed again while some nests were completely removed. Here’s what we know about the Pokemon GO Gen 2 nest Migration changes.

2nd Generation Surprise Migration

According to The SilphRoad moderator dronpes, a nest migration took place along with the implementation of the 2nd Generation of Pokemon. Players will have to check their nearby Pokemon nests to see the changes. Potentially, players may see a nest full of 2nd generation Pokemon and enjoy the game’s new content.

1st Generation Nests Gone?

As the 2nd generation Pokemon have been implemented and started taking nests, some 1st generation Pokemon GO nests have been rotated or removed. According to sts_ssp’s thread on The SilphRoad subreddit, players previously thought that the 1st Generation Pokemon nests were disabled to give way for new 2nd generation nests. However, this isn’t the case. With the reports of generation 1 Pokemon nests getting phased out, some nests really did get removed, which may force players to walk around to find new ones near their area.

As per the implementation of the new 2nd generation Pokemon, players will now encounter both 1st and 2nd generation Pokemon out in the wild. Additionally, Pokemon GO nests now have a larger pool of generation 1 and generation 2 creatures. Pokemon GO gen 2 nests will now be commonplace after a few weeks of implementation.

“It rather seem that some nests were disabled, some other became gen 2 pokemon nests, other turned into gen 1 pokemon nests, so it’s more a standard nest migration,” Reddit user sts_ssp said. “There was also a spawn point reshuffle (location/time), as it usually happens when Niantic touches nests.”

Generation 2 Pokemon

Technically, there are 104 newly implemented Pokemon creatures as of Generation 2. However, Niantic previously implemented some of the Generation 2 Pokemon like Togepi, Smoochum, and Igglybuff in December. Despite the early inclusion of other Gen 2 Pokemon, the number of newly implemented creatures will definitely affect the Pokemon GO nest migration per rotation. The Pokemon GO update introduces a larger creature pool to randomize its nest selection. The update is definitely great for players aiming to collect more Pokemon, but may potentially impede players who want to farm Candy. The best solution is get as much as Candy as you can before the next Pokemon GO nest migration rotation happens. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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