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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Moveset Changes: Update Shakes Up The Gym Meta

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Pokemon GO Gen 2
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 update has new moves, buffs, and nerfs to the creature’s moveset pool. Fans are excited as the moveset update will change the overall Gym meta in Pokemon GO. Here’s what we know about the competitive changes in Pokemon GO Gen 2.

New Moves

According to Cshikage’s thread on the Silph Road subreddit, over 20 new moves have been confirmed in Pokemon GO. Potentially, these new moves might be able to match or outclass the current best moves in the competitive Pokemon GO meta. Here’s a list of the new moves in Pokemon GO Gen 2:

  • Zap Cannon
  • Dragon Tail
  • Avalanche
  • Air Slash
  • Brave Bird
  • Sky Attack
  • Sand Tomb
  • Rock Blast
  • Infestation
  • Struggle (Bug)
  • Silver Wind
  • Astonish
  • Hex
  • Night Shade
  • Iron Tail
  • Gyro Ball
  • Heavy Slam
  • Fire Spin
  • Overheat
  • Bullet Seed
  • Grass Knot
  • Energy Ball
  • Extrasensory
  • Futuresight
  • Mirror Coat
  • Outrage
  • Snarl
  • Crunch
  • Foul Play
  • Hidden Power

Since the update has just been released, we’ll have to wait for a few days or weeks before fans discover the next best move in Pokemon GO Gen 2. At best, these new moves will give players some variety if they want to capitalize on Pokemon type weakness. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if the new moves are effective or not.

Buffs and Nerfs

According to Megaman_YVR’s thread on the SilphRoad subreddit, the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update also brings changes to the game’s existing moves. Fans note that the changes to the Water moves will buff Vaporeon users again. Previously, Vaporeon was a known competitive staple in the Pokemon GO Gym battles.

Update: The Silph Road has recently posted an updated comprehensive move list for Pokemon GO. The data includes the attack power, DPS, and more info. You can check it out here.

New Meta

Aside from new Pokemon move changes, the newly introduced Pokemon may play a big part in determining the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 Gym meta. In the 2nd Generation, new Pokemon types such as Dark and Steel have been introduced to balance the 1st Generation Pokemon type. Dark is used to counter out Psychic types but is weak in Fighting. Meanwhile, Steel types are usually tough and resistant to most attacks, but are weak against Fire, Fighting and Ground attacks.  We’ll see if the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 creatures will affect the game’s meta and counter out the game’s best picks before the update. As of late, Pokemon type resistances don’t play a huge part in the Pokemon GO meta, but it can be helpful for assigning reliable Gym defenders. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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