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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Mechanic For Next Set Of Pokemon Leaked

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Pokemon GO players are really excited for today as the next set of Pokemon might have been revealed. Niantic is expected to add 100 more Pokemon to the game, but we can?t expect the developer to drop all of them in one blow. There might be a process in getting access to the next set of Pokemon and one player has managed to get intel on how Pokemon GO gen 2 will be introduced to the game.

Redditor Scarzio shares a 4chan post that allegedly describes how Pokemon GO gen 2 will make its way into the game. There?s no legitimate statement from Niantic on whether or not the alleged leak is real but with what players have discovered in the game?s recent APK, the mechanic in the leak is looking very plausible.

The post starts off with the update being made for mid to late December but it could be delayed. Upon getting the update, Professor Willow will give the player a 10 KM egg regardless of whether or not the player has a max count of eggs already.

Once the egg hatches, it will turn into a Togepi. It will be one of the first gen 2 Pokemon to be introduced. Once the egg is hatched, players will have the Friendship function enabled in their account.The Friendship meter will be filled up by using a specific Pokemon as a Buddy. Once the meter is full, an Evolution option will appear and if the player has the right amount of Candies, the Pokemon will evolve. Friendship evolution will be available for gen 1 Pokemon with evolutions in gen 2. This includes Zubat, Chansey and Eevee.

The mechanic described by the player seems pretty plausible for a Pokemon GO Gen 2 update if we consider the leaked codes from the recent Pokemon GO APK. First off is the new Buddy Pokemon position called ?Baby?, which would definitely be perfect for Togepi.

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