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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon: Unown Needed To Unlock Legendaries [Rumor]

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Despite gen 2 finally launching for Pokemon GO, Niantic has 43cyet to tell us the whereabouts of the Legendary Pokemon from both generations. However, with all the new Pokemon in gen 2, there’s a rumor going around with regards to how players can get the powerful Pokemon. It seems as though players might be on their way to unlocking Pokemon GO gen 2 Legendary Pokemon.

Out of all the Pokemon in Pokemon GO gen 2, the most mysterious of all are the Unown. These Pokemon are shaped differently, and players can catch up to a total of 26 Unowns; 26 each for the letters of the alphabet. Getting all 26 forms is definitely a tough job as players will also need to have good luck when encountering the Pokemon.

Redditor RobbieD85 did the math on how long it will take players to catch all of the Unown forms in the game. Based on the player’s calculations, trainers can catch all of the Unown forms in two years. And that’s if they accomplish the daunting task of catching a different form each week. Since the Unown is a rare Pokemon, it doesn’t slim down the task as well.

It’s weird that Niantic kept all Unown forms under a heavy lock and key. Many are speculating that there will be a bonus for catching all 26 current forms in the game. There’s even a chance that these creatures are the key to getting the Pokemon GO gen 2 Legendary Pokemon.

The best reward Niantic could offer to players for catching all 26 Unown forms in gen 2 is the Legendary Pokemon. There are six Pokemon GO gen 2 Legendary Pokemon; namely, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Ho-oh, Lugia, and Celebi.

Whatever it may be, there’s sure to be a prize waiting for players if they manage to catch all the Unown forms. We’ve yet to know what that is and it could take us a very long time to finally find out.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon

Even the gen 1 Legendaries haven’t been released yet. In total, there are 11 missing Legendary Pokemon from the game. Niantic is showing no signs of releasing the Pokemon, so it’s obvious that getting a Legendary is hard to do. If it’s not the prize for collecting all Unown forms, then we’ll definitely have to wait for Pokemon GO global events to arrive to get a Legendary.

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