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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon: Who Should We Watch Out For?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Gen 2 will be released by Niantic soon and gamers worldwide are excited about the update. Among the things that many hope will be included in the upgrade is the release of the game?s highly coveted Legendary Pokemons.

A list has revealed some of the Pokemon GO monsters expected to evolve once the Gen 2 update happens. If you are a fan of the hit augmented reality game, here are some of the creatures that you ought to prepare your PokeBalls and candies for:


Crobat Pokemon GO Evolution

The Crobat to be included in Pokemon GO Gen 2 is said to be its third and last stage evolution. Perfect for players who are tired of those Zubats, the Crobat form can be obtained through at least 100 candies.


Politoed Pokemon GO Evolution

An alternate third and final stage evolution for Poliwhirl and Poliwag, Politoed?s evolution requirement is reportedly still being tweaked by Niantic.


Steelix Pokemon GO Evolution

In previous Pokemon games, the Steelix is a second and final evolution monster that can be evolved by trading an Onix that is holding the so-called Metal Coat. In Pokemon GO, its candy requirement ranges from around 100 to 200 candies.


Slowking Pokemon GO Evolution

Similar to Steelix, Slowking is the second and final evolution of Slowpoke. Its estimate evolution requirement will be around 50 candies.


Hilmontop Pokemon GO Evolution

Tyrogue has two evolutions — namely, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. There are speculations that if both Tyrogue and Hitmontop are added in Pokemon GO Gen 2, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan candies will be transformed into Tyrogue candies. The Hilmontop can then evolve using these.


Blissey Pokemon GO Evolution

Blissey is a second and final evolution of Chansey. The creature is considered a tank and will require around 100 candies or more.

Pokemon GO

Kingdra Pokemon GO Evolution

The third and final Pokemon GO evolution of both Horsea and Seadra, Kingdra?s evolution requirement is estimated at 100 candies or more.


Scizor Pokemon GO Evolution

This Pokemon GO Gen 2 creature is the second and final evolution of the Scyther, but weaker. This is due to how it loses 40 or more Base Stat points when it evolves. It is only able to obtain a total of 20 points in both Attack and Defense, but will require only 50 candies.


Espeon Pokemon GO Evolution

For as low as 25 candies, gamers can get this second and final Pokemon GO evolution of Eevee.


Umbreon Pokemon GO Evolution

Similar to Espeon, Umbreon is an evolution of Eevee that only needs 25 candies to evolve. However, it can still be very dangerous when used in battles.


Porygon2 Pokemon GO Evolution

This Pokemon GO Gen 2 monster is the second and final evolution of Porygon that evolves for at least 50 candies.


Bellossom Pokemon GO Evolution

Bellosom is an alternate third and final evolution of Gloom, which is an evolution of Oddish. It is expected to require 100 candies since it is under the stage three evolution.


Aside from these characters listed by Game & Guide, there are no confirmed reports about the inclusion of Legendary Pokemons in Pokemon GO Gen 2. However, previous reports have stated that Mew, MewTwo and other rare creatures will likely be added by next year.

Niantic explained at the recently concluded SDCC that there will be no Legendary Pokemon until the game is available worldwide. This is intended to give gamers from all over the world equal chances of securing the rare characters.

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