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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Legendaries 2017 Release Still Unconfirmed; Niantic Promises Mew, Mewtwo And Legendary Birds This Year

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The legendary birds are coming this year.
The leaders for each team and the legendary birds. [Image by Android Central]

Pokemon GO Gen 2 is arguably the main reason why the mobile title has regained some popularity with fans. While it was never really dead in the water, the game did lose a lot of momentum after a while. It seems like legendaries are going to be coming to the mobile title soon, which can increase fan support.

According to German website Wired, Gen 1 legendaries like Mewtwo and Mew will finally be coming this year. “I can safely say we’ll see more of it this year,” Niantic CEO John Hanke told Wired. 

It’s been a long time coming for fans of the mobile game and they should be able to get them. However, some reports may have read the article wrong and mentioned that Gen 2 legendaries would also be coming, which isn’t the case. “In addition, Niantic wants to finally deliver what many coaches have been waiting for since the first few weeks: the legendary Pokémon – Mewtwo, Mew and the three elemental birds assigned to the teams,” Wired wrote.

Confirmed 2017 Legendaries

While most fans expected to see them before Pokemon GO Gen 2, legendary monsters are finally coming this year. Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew, and Mewtwo were confirmed, though no date was given for their arrival, so fans need patience. These monsters will probably appear during an event or a major update, which will likely come in a few months.

Fans hoping for the Gen 2 legendaries will be out of luck, since there doesn’t seem to be any plans for them. The company didn’t mention them during the interview, though they could appear later in the year. For now, it seems like there won’t be any Gen 2 legendary monsters this year, unless an announcement is made.

Gen 2 Legendaries in 2018?

Though it seems like we won’t be seeing any Pokemon GO Gen 2 legendaries this year, Niantic could save that for 2018. Fans got 80 Pokemon from Gen 2 after a year, so we could see more monsters next year from Gen 3. Until then, fans still have a number of Pokemon to catch right now, along with a major update that will overhaul gym battles.

Players are also hoping to see features like PvP and breeding added to the game, which could bring back fans. Gym battles don’t seem to be enough for players, since competing against an AI opponent isn’t as fun as taking on real people. No one knows how exactly the gym mechanics will be overhauled, but players are pretty excited about it.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 has officially started, so those who haven’t been in the mobile bandwagon can start now. The game is a free download but has microtransactions for certain items.

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