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Pokemon GO Gen 2: What We Know So Far

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

There?s a lot of hype concerning Niantic?s Pokemon GO and it?s definitely because of the possible Gen 2 release this December. Based on what we?ve seen from Niantic so far, there are quite a few things we can expect from gen 2. Here?s what might happen when Pokemon GO gen 2 releases.

Different Releases Per Region

Pokemon GO?didn’t have a global release. Niantic released the game at different times per region. It was also the same with the beta test for the game. It?s very likely that not everyone will be getting gen 2 instantly. A few regions will get it first, with the others getting the 100 new Pokemon after weeks or months have passed. Regions like the US, New Zealand and Japan will most likely be prioritized.

Nerfs And Buffs

We can?t expect that all the Pokemon coming to Pokemon gen 2 will have perfect stats from the start. When the game launched, players complained that Vaporeon was too overpowered and that it was very easy to get. When gen 2 launches, there is bound to be a few Pokemon that are either overpowered or underpowered. It shouldn?t be too big of an issue though as Niantic will prepare the appropriate nerfs and buffs for the Pokemon.

Region-Exclusive Pokemon

One of the biggest gripes players had with Pokemon GO was that there were region-exclusive Pokemon. This made catching all the Pokemon quite a hard task, Tauros was exclusive to the US, Farfetch?d for Japan, Mr. Mime for Europe and Kangaskhan for Australia. As much as players hate it, Niantic might bring in region-exclusive Pokemon again.
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