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Pokemon GO Gen 2: Features Niantic Should Borrow From Game Freak

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

Pokemon GO gen 2 is expected to launch this Dec. 12. Niantic will probably add 100 more Pokemon to the game. When Game Freak launched gen 2 with Pokemon Silver, Gold and Crystal, it introduced a lot of new features to the franchise. Niantic could learn a thing or two from Game Freak when it comes to what Pokemon GO features should be added next week.

Day/Night Cycle

In the current version of Pokemon GO, the only thing that changes during nighttime is how the game looks. When Game Freak launched gen 2, it introduced a new day/night cycle that affected the in-game world. With the feature, players got to encounter different Pokemon depending on what time it is. ?It?s a good Pokemon GO gameplay feature to have as Niantic will need to squeeze in a lot of Pokemon into one game. The only way to do that is by locking Pokemon behind a day/night cycle.

Baby Pokemon And Genders

If the Dec. 12 Pokemon GO gen 2 update comes, one of the rumored features is a gender for Pokemon. This means that players will get to encounter male and female Pokemon. This opens up the possibility of Pokemon breeding and of course, Baby Pokemon. It?s an entirely new way to get Pokemon and it?s definitely good feature to have in Pokemon GO gen 2.

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are the most sought-after variant in all games including Pokemon Sun and Moon. It?s a recolor of a standard Pokemon. There are no stat advantages with Shiny Pokemon, but it is a big accomplishment for a player to catch. Let alone encounter one, as they are a pretty rare find.

New Moves

By the time gen 2 released, there were a lot more moves in the game. In Pokemon GO, moves are very important, and it plays a role in a player’s overall success in battles. Game Freak added 86 new Pokemon moves in gen 2 and were wishing that Niantic would follow suit. It would be a great addition to the game as players will have to devise new tactics to succeed.

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