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Pokemon GO: Gen 2 Features Niantic Should Add To The Game

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Pokemon GO

Fans are eagerly awaiting when Niantic will introduce the 2nd generation of Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but it may still be months away for now. Aside from 100 more Pokemon to catch, the 2nd gen of Pokemon RPGs also came with a slew of gameplay features that made the RPG even more exciting. It?s hard to say for now, but Niantic could introduce these features when the next 100 Pokemon begin to flock our world. Here are some generation 2 features that Niantic should add to Pokemon GO.

Day And Night Cycle

Time became a core element in the Pokemon RPG series ever since Game Freak introduced day/night cycles in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. With the introduction of time, some Pokemon only appeared during nighttime, and some evolutions were affected by time as well. Surprisingly, day and night cycles aren?t one of the introductory features in Pokemon GO, and we?re wishing that Niantic spices up the gameplay with this soon.

Pokemon Contests

Gen 2 also introduced a new method to have Pokemon compete through Pokemon Contests. These contests don?t pit Pokemon against each other in a head-on combat; instead, Pokemon showcase their skills and finesse and are judged accordingly ala pageant. Adding this feature might also make Pokemon more diverse as Niantic will have to add new sub-categories like Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart and Tough.

Double Battles

When it comes to combat, Game Freak amped up gameplay by allowing several Pokemon to fight each other through Double Battles. As the name suggests, Double Battles are sort of a tag team combat wherein the player?s strategy is pushed to the limit as he has to consider the movesets of each of the Pokemon. If Niantic adds this to Pokemon GO, players can expect more action-packed Gym Battles, and they?ll have to rethink their strategies as well.

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