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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Evolution Requirements: Evolve Gen 1 Pokemon To Blissey, Kingdra, And Other New Pokemon!

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Thanks to the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update, certain monsters that only had one base form can now evolve. Even better, some Pokemon that could evolve now have an additional form to turn into, which is great. As usual, candy is needed to get some of these forms, but there are a few twists for new forms to make things interesting.

Some fans are already familiar with the nicknames for the new Eevee forms, which is a nice touch. Others, however, will need specific items to evolve into their new forms, along with a set amount of candy. The rest just need more candy than usual, so here is hoping that fans have been hoarding those items.

I Want Candy

Here is the list of evolved forms that can be obtained in Pokemon GO Gen 2, courtesy of The Silph Road. As usual, the subreddit has been updated by fans who play the game for long periods of time and have seen them firsthand. Without further ado, here are the new evolved forms and the requirements needed to get them in the game.

  • Crobat: Evolves from Golbat. 100 Zubat candies, which should be easy.
  • Bellossom: Evolves from Gloom. 100 Oddish candies, plus a Sun Stone.
  • Politoed: Evolves from Poliwhirl. 100 Poliwag candies, plus a King’s Rock.
  • Slowking: Evolves from Slowbro. 50 Slowpoke candies, plus a King’s Rock.
  • Steelix: Evolves from Onix. 50 Onix candies, plus a Metal Coat.
  • Blissey: Evolves from Chansey. 50 Chansey candies.
  • Kingdra: Evolves from Seadra. 100 Horsea candies, plus a Dragon’s Scale.
  • Scizor: Evolves from Scyther. 50 Scyther candies, plus a Metal Coat.
  • Espeon: Evolves from Eevee. 25 Eevee candies, plus the nickname Sakura.
  • Umbreon: Evolves from Eevee. 25 Eevee candies, plus the nickname Tamao.
  • Porygon 2: Evolves from Porygon. 50 Porygon candies, plus an Up-Grade.

What’s Next?

Now that these creatures can be obtained in the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update, fans just need the legendaries. The rare monsters from Gen 1 are yet to be released, and the same thing can be said for Gen 2. Speculation for a legendary event has been at an all-time high, but so far we’ve only seen holiday-themed events like the recent Valentine’s special.

Pokemon GO is available now and will likely be around for the long haul after all of these updates. The game is a free download on iOS and Android devices but has in-app purchases.

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