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Pokemon GO Gen 2: Egg Hatching Distance For All Pokemon

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Everyone is waiting for Pokemon GO Gen 2. Ever since the game was first announced, fans had been anticipating the announcement of Johto Pokemon and beyond. While Niantic hasn’t even released the full 151 Kanto Pokemon yet, fans still can’t wait for the Johto ones. Some have even decided to take it upon themselves to sort out which Johto Pokemon will come from an egg.

As most fans of the mobile game know, there are three types of Pokemon eggs: 2km, 5km and 10km. The 2km ones usually have weaker Pokemon, but they can also contain one of the starter Pokemon or Pikachu. The 5km ones usually have solid Pokemon like Ponyta or one of the Nidorans. The 10km egg is the best one, since it usually has a rare Pokemon in it.

Who is in 2KM?

This Reddit fan recently made a chart which speculates which Pokemon would come from the km Eggs. As expected, the 2km one has some of the weaker Pokemon. However, it also has the three Gold and Silver starters, along with fan-favorite Marill. Fans shouldn’t take these eggs for granted in Pokemon GO Gen 2.

Fans of Pokemon GO are often frustrated with the 2km egg. On one hand, it can get them a strong Charmander and some much needed candy. But it can also get them a Pidgey or a Rattata, which is just awful.

Who is in 5KM?

The Pokemon from this egg are neither the strongest nor the weakest. Fans of the game have gotten decent characters like Ponyta from the 5km egg. If this Johto chart is right, players can get decent Pokemon like Miltank and Sudowoodo, among others.

Who is in 10KM?

Pokemon in 10km eggs have almost always been good. Fans have gotten Hitmonchan, Aerodactyl and Jynx from the 10km eggs. Considering how hard they can be to find, getting them from an egg is great.

If Pokemon GO Gen 2 becomes a thing, fans can continue to expect rare Pokemon from these eggs. Heavy hitters like Heracross could be included, along with rare cuties like Elekid. Either way, the long walks with these eggs should lead to great results.

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