Pokemon GO Gen 2 Eevee Evolutions: Confirmed Name Trick To Get Espeon And Umbreon

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Pokemon GO gen 2 is currently live and there are 80 new Pokemon to catch in the game which players need to work for once again. Amidst all the new Pokemon are two new Eevee evolutions to get and collect. A nicknaming trick worked for the Pokemon last gen, but will the Pokemon GO gen 2 Eevee evolutions name trick work once again?

Redditor Wilhelm1088 shared to the community that the Pokemon GO gen 2 Eevee evolutions trick does actually work. This time, naming Eevee as Sakura and Tamao before evolving will bag players an Espeon and Umbreon respectively. This is a pretty neat way to get the Pokemon in gen 2 especially if players have saved up enough Candies for Eevee during gen 1.

Like the first Eevee evolutions, players will have to name Eevee after characters in the Pokemon anime. By naming Eevee as Rainier, Sparky and Pyro, players can get a Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon, respectively. This new Pokemon GO gen 2 Eevee evolutions trick shouldn’t come as a surprise to players anymore.

In the anime, Sakura is a close friend of Misty which appeared in several episodes of Pokemon. Surely enough, Sakura did have an Eevee in the anime. In the latter parts of the story, Sakura’s Eevee finally evolved to an Espeon and thus the naming trick in Pokemon GO.

As for Umbreon, some initially believed that naming an Eevee as Gary in gen 2 would yield the dark-type evolution of Eevee. However, Tamao is the name this time around. In the Pokemon anime, Tamao is actually one of the sisters of Sakura. As expected, Tamao did have an Umbreon in the anime.

Pokemon GO Gen 2

Umbreon and Espeon are only two of the 80 new Pokemon in Pokemon GO gen 2. As part of the huge update, players will have a chance to get a ton of new Pokemon. The new gen of Pokemon is finally live and players can actually get them. There are a ton of neat Pokemon to get, so players should begin their Pokemon GO runs pretty soon.

Aside from the new Pokemon, the update introduces new features to the game as well. Players have a lot to dig into as Niantic launches the biggest Pokemon GO update and there’s probably more things to wait for in the game.

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