Pokemon GO Gen 2 Datamine Leak: Pokemon Costumes, Shiny Pokemon, Avatar Customization Legendaries, Generation 2, Breeding & More!

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Pokemon GO Gen 2
Pokemon GO Gen 2

The data-miners have done it again. Pokemon GO Gen 2 data miners from Silk Road have revealed so many big file updates that are believed to be headed for the game very soon. Warning, some very big spoilers are up head!

Pokemon GO Gen 2 sound files?

The sound files have been found for the next 100 Pokemon. All the generation 2 sound files are all ready. This pretty much means that the introduction of generation 2 Pokemon are set.

It?s also believed that the there will be a server side update. Just like the introduction of Ditto, you won?t need to physically update your game. Niantic will just let the new Pokemon spawn in.

Pokemon Breeding

Pokemon Genders are also being expected to come out. The date-miners have found some evidence in the code that Pokemon will have genders soon.

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And if Pokemon will have genders, then that also means breeding will be close behind. Which means, we may be having baby Pokemon soon!

Baby Pokemon

We currently have the buddy system up, wherein we can see our buddy Pokemon beside or on our avatar?s shoulders. However, it looks like a new variant of this feature is also set to be introduced.

And the new buddy position is for babies! There?s no clue on where and how baby Pokemon will be placed by the Avatar, but we can now expect that baby Pokemon will soon be showcased by our avatars.

Shiny Pokemon

Unlike the staple Pokemon games, Pokemon GO didn?t feature shiny Pokemon, but that may not be the case any longer. The data-miners have also found compelling evidence that Shiny Pokemon are set to come out very soon. It appears that there are announcement sound files for special shiny Pokemon.

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Avatar Customization

It looks like your avatars in Pokemon GO are about to become more unique. Data-miners have found coding in the game for different categories of customizing your in-game avatar! Clothing, shoes, and bags are believed to be changeable and your avatar?s personal appearance such as eyes and hair can be customizable as well.

Pokemon Costumes

It?s not just your avatars who will be having big customizable options, the same will be happening to your Pokemon too. Pokemon Costumes have been leaked by the data-miners. In addition, seasonal themed costumes have also been hinted by the data miners.

Legendary Pokemon

This bit of information is still a rumor, but its slowly gaining more traction on the internet. Many are speculating that legendary Pokemon will finally be making their debut when generation 2 Pokemon are finally released.

And that is all the latest news on what?s to come on Pokemon GO! Stay tuned in with us for more news and updates on Pokemon GO!

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