Pokemon GO Gen 2 Candies: Pokemon You Should Farm For The Next Generation

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO gen 2 is expected to launch on Dec. 2. There is a lot to do to prepare for the addition of 100 more Pokemon. So, it is best that players should be ready as early as now. One of the things players could do for now is to save up on Candies, so that they could readily evolve gen 1 Pokemon that have a gen 2 evolution.

When the 100 new Pokemon are introduced in gen 2, there are a few gen 1 Pokemon that will be receiving evolutions. There is a good reason to save up on some Pokemon GO Candies now while it is still early so that players can have access to some potentially powerful Pokemon.

Players should save up on Pokemon GO Candies for the following:

  • Zubat (for Crobat)
  • Onix (for Steelix)
  • Poliwag (for Politoed)
  • Slowpoke (for Slowking)
  • Oddish (for Bellossom)
  • Scyther (for Scizor)
  • Eevee (for Espeon and Umbreon)
  • Horsea (for Kingdra)
  • Porygon (for Porygon2)
  • Chansey (for Blissey)

Aside from being a more convenient method to get the new evolutions, getting the appropriate Candies now could save the player trouble of grinding later on. If the next batch of Pokemon does arrive, there is a chance that Niantic might decrease the encounter rate for the Pokemon.

Particularly, players might see less of Onix, Scyther, Porygon and Chansey as they could evolve into more powerful Pokemon.

Baby Pokemon

Another thing worth considering in the next batch of Pokemon are the Baby Pokemon. However, Baby Pokemon are the basic form of other Pokemon, so it is likely that players won?t need to save up some Candies for Magmar, Electabuzz, Jynx, Pikachu and other Pokemon with Baby forms.

When getting the Baby Pokemon, it is likely that players can get them through encounters. If not from random encounters, Niantic could introduce Pokemon Breeding, which could then introduce the Baby Pokemon.

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