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Pokemon GO Gen 2: Can You Evolve Togepi To Togetic?

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 is officially underway. While Niantic didn’t release all 100 new creatures at once, the developers did release a select number of them. Some of the confirmed new Pokemon are Pichu and the ever popular Togepi, who can actually evolve in the mobile game. This is great news for fans since it can be difficult to evolve Togepi in the main games.

During the trailer that confirmed the new Pokemon, it was shown that Togepi needs 50 candies to evolve. This essentially confirms that Togetic will be debuting in the mobile game as well. Players might have a difficult time evolving Togepi though since these new Pokemon can only be obtained through eggs.

As of writing,?players have yet to obtain the 50 Candy requirement to evolve Togepi to Togetic. We’ll keep you updated if evolving this baby Pokemon is possible in the current build of the game.

Egg-celent News

Niantic first teased Pokemon GO Gen 2 with a teaser announcement before it was officially confirmed. Fans already had a feeling and some Reddit users were able to find new moves that belong to the Gold and Silver Pokemon, including Togetic. Still, the news should make the game more playable and might even lure back fans that were dissatisfied with it.

Most of the Gen 2 Pokemon released thus far are babies. The Silph Road Reddit confirmed the following Pokemon, their egg types and candy needed for evolution. Most fans know who they turn into, but there are probably a few fans that only got into Pokemon through the mobile game.

  • Pichu/5km Egg/25 candies/Evolves to Pikachu
  • Togepi/5km Egg/50 candies/Evolves to Togetic
  • Cleffa/2km Egg/25 candies/Evolves to Clefairy
  • Magby/10km Egg/25 candies/Evolves to Magmar
  • Igglybuff/2km Egg/25 candies/Evolves to Jigglypuff
  • Elekid/10km Egg/25 candies/Evolves to Electabuzz
  • Smoochum/10km Egg/Evolves to 25 candies/Evolves to Jynx

Golden Start?

Admittedly, this is a pretty slow start to Pokemon GO Gen 2. However, it’s also a smart decision, since it will make fans crave for more Pokemon. If Niantic can keep this up, the mobile game might regain its popularity. Granted, Pokemon Sun and Moon are still around, but more people have smartphones than a 3DS.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The update for Gen 2 should be available now, but it could also on the process of being distributed in other countries. Either way, it’s a decent recent to try the game again since it is free-to-play. ?

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