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Pokemon GO Gen 2 APK Datamine: Client-Side Update Reveals Five Evolution Items, New Avatar Customization, And More

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

Niantic recently announced that the world of Pokemon GO is expanding with gen 2, and there are quite a few things to get into the game. Players are once again quick to dig deep into the game’s recent APK to check out the things coming to the game. Here’s what players discovered in the Pokemon GO gen 2 APK datamine.

Avatar Customization Items

The Silphroad is once again very quick to check out the APK of the Pokemon GO gen 2 update. Aside from the slew of new creatures coming to the title, the game’s files also revealed a ton of items for avatar customization. The feature is finally out and players can outfit their avatars with Skin, Shirt, Pants, Hat, Shoes, Eyes, Gloves, Socks, Belt, Necklace, and Glasses.These items are categorized into Owned, Featured, Purchasable, Sale, and Unlockable.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Badges

The dataminers have also discovered that there are new badges referencing the gen 2 Pokemon. What this means is that players should really start hunting for the 80 new Pokemon now.

One New Move

Surprisingly, the recent APK is home to only one move. This comes as a surprise as there are 80 new Pokemon in the game and we now know that they might share the same movesets as the gen 1 Pokemon. The new move is Hidden Power which is believed to be a part of the mysterious Unown’s movesets.

Evolution Items

As promised by Niantic, there will be new Evolution items in the game. These will of course aid in the Evolution for some of the Pokemon. The new Evolution items are the Sun Stone, Kings Rock, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, and Upgrade. However, it’s unknown yet when the items will be operational.

Other Findings

There are a ton of other findings in the Pokemon GO gen 2 APK, and as expected, the update is pretty meaty. The APK once again has some new codes regarding the Shiny Pokemon variants, so we might see the rare recolors of the Pokemon in the game soon.

Other minor findings include new music, new encounter movements, a critical catch code, and many more. It seems like players are in for a treat in Pokemon GO, and as early as now, it’s best to prepare for what’s to come in the game.

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