Pokemon GO Gen 2: All 12 Evolutions You Should Start Saving Candies For

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While most fans are currently pleased with Pokemon GO, a number of them cannot wait for the next generation of Pokemon to arrive in the mobile game. What makes the Gold and Silver generation of Pokemon really exciting is that a number of Pokemon that didn’t have any evolutions in Red and Blue now have stronger forms, which means fans should hold on to their Pokemon Candies.

Some of the Pokemon who will be able to get new forms include Golbat, Onix, Scyther, Chansey, Seadra and Porygon. In addition to those Pokemon getting evolutions, monsters like Gloom, Poliwhirl and Slowpoke can get new forms of evolutions instead of their standard ones. Eevee also gets new forms, which can be dictated by the game’s day and night cycle, something that could easily be copied into the mobile game.

Pokemon GO fans unfamiliar with Gold and Silver can read this Reddit thread. It states that Golbat turns to Crobat, Onix turns to Steelix, Scyther turns to Scizor, Chansey turns to Blissey, Seadra turns to Kingdra and Porygon turns to Porygon 2, which is a hilariously lazy name. Gold and Silver also allowed Gloom to turn into Bellosom instead of Villeplume, let Poliwhirl turn into Politoad instead of Poliwrath, allowed Slowpoke to turn into Slowking instead of Slowbro and gave Eevee dark and psychic forms in Umbreon and Espeon.

It will also be interesting to see if Baby Pokemon will be added when this update hits. This gave baby forms to base Pokemon like Pikachu and Electabuzz, whose predecessors were Pichu and Elekid, respectively. It’s a pretty radical concept for the mobile game especially since it involves breeding, so these Pokemon will probably be added sometime after a Gold and Silver update has been released.

When an update of this caliber is coming out is still unknown. It’s something fans want but has yet to be discussed by Niantic. There are probably plans to bring in new Pokemon, but not after the final six of the 151 are added to the mobile game.

Pokemon GO is out now for a number of countries and is a free download. The game is available on iOS and Android, so anyone can enjoy the game. ?

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