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Pokemon GO Gameplay Footage Leaked

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Pokemon GO is a really promising game, and there?s no doubt that fans worldwide are eager to get their hands on Niantic?s upcoming mobile game. Aside from the trailer revealed last year, very little is known about the augmented reality title, but one attendant at the SXSW possibly leaked what?s in store for us.

YouTube channel Eric F recently uploaded a minute-long look at how Pokemon GO will be like when the game launches. The footage is from a gaming panel by Niantic CEO John Hanke at the recently concluded SXSW, and the developer is looking to deliver a fun game for Pokemon fans worldwide.

The first seconds of the video show off what looks to be a map with the player?s character. A few seconds later, the screen shifts to the primary cam view of the smartphone in use and a Bulbasaur is apparently nearby. The video then shows off the player trying to catch the Pokemon with a regular Pokeball, then proceeds to use a Masterball.

So far, the footage shows off the core gameplay feature of Pokemon GO, which is catching Pokemons. If that is all that Pokemon GO has to offer, which is very unlikely, then it can?t be what the fans are expecting. Even the map looks a little bland, but this may not be the full version of the game yet. It could be the upcoming beta version of the game which is set to roll out in Japan sometime soon.

We?re still yet to see how Pokemon Battles would go, but let?s hope that it takes on an augmented reality form as well. For now, we can all agree that seeing the Bulbasaur on someone?s backyard is definitely a sight to see in Pokemon GO.


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