Pokemon GO To Have ?Game Of Thrones? Version, Hints Developer

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Pokemon GO may have a Game of Thrones version, a rep from Niantic said.

The tie-up is a likely winning formula, as the game reportedly made Nintendo $7.5 billion dollars within just two days into its launch. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones is among HBO?s most successful original releases, with its seventh season scheduled to air in 2017.

Pokemon GO developer Archit Bhargava said in a Gamespot interview that he is a huge fan of the epic fantasy series. He then shared that he is interested in integrating the show into the augmented reality game.

“My personal fantasy is like a Game of Thrones game where Westeros is mapped out on Earth and you join House Stark or whatever,” he said.


A developer wants to integrate Game of Thrones into Pokemon GO

However, Niantic will first have to work on several important issues if they are serious about the Pokemon GO ? Game of Thrones collaboration.

Last weekend, there were reports about a fake Pokemon GO app that allowed hackers to gain access to phones of eager players. Experts discovered a DroidJack remote access kit on VirusTotal, which is a repository for malware and compromised apps. This caused viruses and malwares to infect devices of gamers from different parts of the world.

Pokemon Go

An APK leak also caused access and connection problems just hours after Pokemon GO was launched last week. It is supposedly the reason why the game?s international release was delayed in certain territories. However, several gamers have complained of server problems even within areas where Pokemon GO was officially available.

There have also been reports about problems with several in-game features, such as high battery consumption, location inaccuracy, poor audio and many more. Some gamers have also been unable to download the app due to compatibility problems with certain Android and iOS devices.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO cheats have also been spreading just a week into its release. These supposedly allow users to access Pokecoins, Pokeballs and other game resources for free.

Will Niantic be able to fix the game?s problems so that Pokemon GO and Game of Thrones can tie up? Keep following TheBitBag for updates!


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