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Pokemon GO: Game Freezing Bug You Should Be Aware Of

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Pokemon GO

After a show-stealing appearance in San Diego Comic-Con, it seems like the sky’s the limit for Pokemon GO. Now that fans have attractive leaders to follow and Pokemon Centers to look forward to, it seems like the game has become more popular than ever. However, it looks like there?s a new freezing problem in the mobile game, which might leave some fans cold.

The freezing issue occurs when players immediately go to their bag after a player fails to catch a Pokemon with a Poke Ball, according to a Reddit user. It’s a baffling bug, to say the least, and something that Niantic needs to get on right away. While it won’t undo all the good things the game has done, it will definitely leave a lot of mobile players upset and disappointed.

What really makes this Pokemon GO freezing issue frustrating is that going to the bag is an automatic reaction for some when playing the mobile game. Catching some of the rare Pokemon in the game is a lot harder than it seems, especially with the lack of wild Pokemon battles in the game. This issue just makes the game more frustrating.

Some fans have stated that this issue happens when a player’s trainer level is past 20, while others claim that it has happened to them throughout their whole experience with the game. For now, the only solution seems to be waiting a few seconds after the Pokemon has broken free from the Poke Ball. This should prevent the freezing issue for the time being, so all players have to do is be a bit patient.

Don’t be in a hurry to throw another Poke Ball.

It’s a shame to see this happen, since the game recently got an update that fixed a number of issues. Then again, this is the nature of games that are always online or on mobile, so it seems like the game will always be in a constant state of updating.

Pokemon GO is available in certain countries but has not been given a worldwide release due to its various issues, including this new one. The game is available on iOS and Android.

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