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Pokemon GO: Is The Game Biased To Certain Players?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO was made for social interaction. While some fans would argue that it?s more about the hunt and catching them all, there is no denying that the game does bring people together. This is why it can be downright baffling when it seems like the mobile game favors certain people over others.

Finding rare Pokemon is meant to be challenging, that is a fact. Even in the older games, finding a rare monster would be satisfying and occasionally frustrating if the player accidentally makes it faint. That being said, it really seems like some mobile players have had better luck than others, as this humorous picture from Imgur points out.

Despite being humorous, it does point out something of a class divide in Pokemon GO. That’s not to say it favors players depending on their social status or the color of their skin, but it is curious how some players can find multiple Dragonites and Charizards, while others are stuck with Poliwags and Abras.

The type of Pokemon that spawns relies on the local terrain in the real world, meaning those who live in a place that doesn?t spawn strong Pokemon are certainly at a disadvantage. Then again, it could all just be coincidence. One of the biggest factors for the mobile game seems to be luck, since some fans can see a Vaporeon in one moment and a Goldeen in the next, so it seems players just have to be alert and hopeful when they see their favorite Pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon GO only seems to benefit certain players.

This is just one of the many issues that fans have with the game. Despite being one of the most downloaded mobile apps, the game has suffered from crashing, freezes and other problems. Not to mention how some users take advantage of the hard work of others when they take over Gyms.

Does Pokemon GO suffer from a social divide? That seems unlikely, since Niantic and Nintendo want this game to appeal to many gamers. Still, the weird ratio of rare Pokemon that certain players get can be too good to be coincidental, hence the social divide dilemma. Here?s hoping the ratio of rare Pokemon becomes more balanced in future updates.

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