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Pokemon GO Frozen Pokeball Bug: Don’t Expect A Fix Anytime Soon

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Pokemon GO just received an update, and it looks like the frozen Pokeball glitch is still present. Since the game?s launch nearly a week ago, numerous players have reported that the game completely freezes up during encounters with wild Pokemon. This can be pretty infuriating when you stumble upon that one high CP monster you?ve been chasing, only to lose out on the chance to catch it. The 1 HP gym glitch, another game-breaking bug, is also yet to be addressed.

Latest Pokemon GO Patch Doesn’t Fix Freezing

The patch notes for update 1.0.2 only lists one new change, a fix for the Pokemon Trainer Club login. In the meantime, several players have posted workarounds and tricks you can use to avoid having your game lock up in certain instances. We?ve previously written about a few methods here, so feel free to check that out.

On the official Pokemon GO Reddit thread for the patch notes, a user named The_Window noted down some things players should be on the lookout for. ?Right before tossing a ball, check the icons. If the backpack/run away icons are missing, toss your pokeball aside (as in purposely miss) When the icons reappear, you’re good to retry. I’ve yet to try this on the update, but it’s how I avoided the ball glitch,? he said.

However, others say that the presence of icons isn?t necessarily an indicator. ?I can confirm that icons being there doesn’t mean a thing, at least in my case. Catching a Pokemon has frozen the game every time since sometime between the first and second iOS updates for me,? said user Triptych5998.

Some players have also reported that the new patch may have even made things worse. ?Game was working well yesterday, should have never updated the app. Now it crashes almost every time I try to catch anything,? reports CydonianHandler.

For now, we think it?s best you pay close attention to Pokemon GO?s performance on your particular device/operating system and try to pinpoint whether some of these fixes and claims are actually true.

Hopefully Niantic can roll out fixes soon so players can get back to catching Pokemon.

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