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Pokemon GO Freeze Bug Helps Save A Life

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Pokemon Go

Despite the backlash Nintendo?s new AR game is facing, the Pokemon GO freeze bug has saved a life. Two Marine Corps veterans were playing the game, and due to some technical issues, the game froze for one of the men named Javier Soch. During the time, Soch saw a man bothering a mother and her children on the road, and he caused trouble to another family as well. Soch and his roommate Set Ortega caught the man who was later identified as a wanted criminal named Jacob Kells.

Pokemon GO is currently plagued with bugs, and it is one of the major reasons why many fans around the world are unhappy with Niantic. However, on Tuesday, because of the bug, Soch was able to help a family and put a criminal behind bars. Ortega and Soch who caught the criminal were walking on the streets of Fullerton, California during the incident.

As Soch encountered the freeze bug while playing, he saw a man scaring a lady, and when the two approached the man, he went away. His activities appeared to be suspicious, and the duo started following the man, Abc 7 reports. A few minutes later, they saw Kells threatening other kids. Soch and Ortega called the police and Kells was arrested.

Soch said that the game strictly says that people should be watchful of their surroundings while catching Pokemon, and this may be a strong example of why the developer has included such instruction for players. Since its launch, players have encountered various troubles with the game, but at some places it has also helped many. In fact, the game has boosted sales for small businesses, and in some cases, it has also helped save lives.

In more Pokemon GO related news, a report from Cincinnati, Ohio states that four players of the mobile game were able to save the lives of a couple struggling with drug overdose on a freeway. Meanwhile, in Royal Oak, Michigan, a couple discovered a house on fire while playing the game and were able to save a dog trapped inside. “This whole ‘Pokemon’ thing is obviously a positive, in our aspect,” the couple told Detroit Free Press.

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