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Pokemon GO Free PokeCoins? Don’t Get Scammed

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Pokemon GO

Don?t believe those anonymous messages that you can get free PokeCoins in Pokemon GO by entering a certain code or paying a certain amount to earn a lot of in-game money. Scammers are using many techniques to allure players to pay for in-game items, but everything that promises you to give free PokeCoins is illegitimate and is as a scam. There?s only one legitimate way to earn PokeCoins, and it doesn?t cost you a single dollar.

Even if you get some emails asking you to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for PokeCoins, just ignore them. Neither Nintendo nor Niantic Labs is conducting such promotional offers, so it is better to stay away from such emails and apps.

So how can you earn free PokeCoins? Well, there?s a simple and legitimate way that gives you free PokeCoins to spend on in-game items.

Pokemon GO Scam

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There are two ways to get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO. The first method is to buy them, while the second one is to earn them by completing certain activities in the game. If you choose the first method, here?s how much you would be paying to buy them.

  • ????????US$0.99 ? 100 coins
  • ????????US $4.99 ? 550 coins
  • ????????US $9.99 ? 1200 coins
  • ????????US $19.99 ? 2500 coins
  • ????????US $39.99 ? 5200 coins
  • ????????US $99.99 ? 14500 coins

The second method is a guaranteed way to get free PokeCoins. Take down opposing Gyms and defend them to collect PokeCoins for free. You need to guard your Gym for at least 21 hours. After successfully completing this task, you can head to the Shop and you?ll see an increment in the number of coins you have. You get 10 PokeCoins for every 21 hours of defense. Pokemon GO only allows you to hold up to 10 Gyms to cash in, no matter how many Gyms you have under control. This is the only legitimate way to directly get free PokeCoins, and the rest are just scams.

For Android users, there?s also a way through which they can earn Google Play credit. This app works with almost every game with in-app purchases and has nothing to do with your Pokemon GO settings. The app requires players to complete surveys, and in return, players get Google Play credit which can be used to make in-game purchases for almost every game. However, this method will not fill your PokeCoins quota, but it can be an option.

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