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Pokemon GO For Windows Phone: Snapshot Of Windows 10 App Surface, Release Date Next Month?

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Pokemon Go

Windows users are eagerly waiting to play Pokemon GO on their Windows Phone. Even though Microsoft has not declared the Pokemon GO Windows Phone release date, a third party app developer is confirmed to be building a Windows 10 version of the game.

ST-Apps, a third party developer, has revealed a GIF image that shows the player finding and catching a Pidgey. Unfortunately, the app lacks augmented reality. However, most users usually turn off the feature while playing the game.

The Pokemon app that the developer is building is a ported version of the game that is available for Android and iOS platforms. He is worried about legal issues if the app is made public. He is also concerned about problems related to Niantic?s servers.

He feels that if Niantic encrypts communication between the game and server, the app that he is building will stop working. If the app remains unencrypted and if Niantic does not release an official app by next month, he may consider releasing Pokemon GO Windows Phone version in August. It will be released as an open source project.

pokego - Pokemon GO Windows Phone

He has also added that the Pokemon GO app for Windows Phone is a Universal App that will work on any device running on Windows 10. The developer is aiming to bring basic Pokemon Go experience in the next month by releasing an alpha version.

Since he is able to bring Pokemon GO client on Windows Phone devices, he has stated that there are political and not technical reasons behind the delay of the official app. As of this writing, there is no confirmation on Pokemon GO Windows Phone release date from Niantic or Microsoft.

The Pokemon GO Windows Phone release date seems to be close at hand as the Portugal wing of the Redmond giant confirmed that they are working on bringing the game to Windows 10. Moreover, 90,000 Windows fans have filed their petitions to compel Niantic into releasing a Windows Phone version of Pokemon GO.

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