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Pokemon GO Flee Rate List: Which Pokemon Should You Catch Immediately?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is essentially a multiplayer version of the Safari Zone from older games, with Gym battles added for extra fun. This isn?t a bad thing, since fans have enjoyed catching their favorites from the original 151, though the fact that they occasionally flee has been troublesome for many a player, which has led to fans calculating the fleeing rate for each Pokemon in the game.

The issue is mostly discussed on Reddit, and users have been able to evaluate some of the rare Pokemon encountered in the mobile game. As expected, some are harder to catch than others, especially if they are rare Pokemon. This is probably why players have to invest in the various Incense items in the game.

According to the fans, powerful creatures like Venusaur, Charizard, Dragonite and Blastoise are extremely hard to catch in one throw. Thankfully, all of the abovementioned Pokemon doesn?t have a high flee rate. Some of the Pokemon in the list that have a high flee rate include Oddish, Jigglypuff, Diglett, Psyduck, Mankey, Bellsprout and Magnemite.

One other Pokemon that kept its annoying fleeing tendencies from the original games is Abra. In the original games, its only attack was teleport, which it would use to get out of battle and annoy the heck out of gamers. In the older games, players had to use Sleep Powder from a grass type or use a Great Ball, while Pokemon GO users are going to have to rely on luck when catching this elusive monster.

Abra is still annoying in Pokemon GO

Fans have also confirmed that Magikarp is the easiest Pokemon to catch, which is no surprise. Sadly, it is also the hardest to evolve, requiring 400 candies in all so that it can turn into the ridiculously strong Gyrados, so at least players won’t have a hard time catching its useless base form.

Every other Pokemon in the mobile game has a 50/50 chance of getting caught or running away from the player. Such is the life of a Pokemon trainer, which might be the game’s biggest asset and weakness.

Pokemon GO is currently available in certain countries, but is not yet ready for a worldwide release.

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