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Pokemon GO: Find Active Lure Modules Near Your Area

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Pokemon GO

Unofficial Pokemon GO sites such as PokeVision and ispokemongoupornot have been helping the current playerbase with the game. However, a new unofficial site has been spotted, and it informs players of active Lure Modules in the game.

The site,, monitors every Pokemon GO server for active Lure modules and lists it in maps. Most of the game?s PokeStops are marked in the site?s specialized Google Map locations. The site has covered almost every area in its known servers, with some markings in India and Africa where the game is not available yet. Clicking on the blips will help you narrow the PokeStops nearer to your location, so knowing your area also counts in using this tool.

The tool works mostly manually due to its barebones design, but it gets easier once you?re used to the site?s systems. Once you?ve narrowed down the map to your locale, you can start scanning for any green blips which means a PokeStop is currently using a Lure Module. In most cases, prepare your Pokeballs to avail of the Lure Module?s increased Pokemon encounter rate.

Remember that you?ll meet other players near that PokeStop or even have to enter business establishments to avail of the Lure Module?s bonuses. Be sure to greet other players for Pokemon GO?s social gameplay or at least acknowledge their presence if you?re just aiming for the Lure Module. Additionally, remember to be watchful of your surroundings for any suspicious activity while staying near the PokeStop.

Like the other unofficial Pokemon GO sites, the ?IsLureModuleActive? site helps players maximize their efforts in the game through continuous information. However, the Pokemon GO community has yet to decide if these ?unofficial sites are a boon or a cheating tool in the game. Despite Niantic?s current lack of action against these unofficial sites, they are safe and alright to use until Niantic or a Public Service Announcement from its community says otherwise.

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