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Pokemon GO Final Update 2016: Niantic Adding New Features Before Year Ends?

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Pokemon GO Final Update 2016

Pokemon GO is surely one of the best new games that was released this year. While the augmented reality game from Niantic Labs experienced huge success in the months after its release, critics are still saying that its gameplay is still very limited. With this, Niantic Labs is continuously working on new updates to help improve the game. If rumors are true, the developers could be adding great new features to the Pokemon GO Final Update 2016 to finish off the year with a bang.

The current version of Pokemon GO is indeed pretty limited. All that players can do is to catch Pokemon, hatch Pokemon eggs and battle in Pokemon gyms. This has many Pokemon GO fans crying for more features to be added to the game.

One of the most awaited features is certainly player vs. player (PvP) combat. This has been confirmed to be coming to the game soon though no timeline has been given for it. It could even be possible for this and other great new features to be introduced before the year ends as Niantic Labs has recently teased that there will be ?new experiences? coming in December.

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New Features Coming to Pokemon GO Soon?

The post on the Pokemon GO Blog says, ?We?re excited for December because we have a few new experiences and in-game events planned for you before wrapping up the year. While we cannot share all the details yet, keep an eye out on our social media channels on December 12th for details about the first addition of more Pok?mon into Pokemon GO.?

Niantic Labs was very vague when it said ?new experiences? so many Pokemon GO players will likely have their own speculations. Surely, a majority of Pokemon GO trainers though are hoping that PvP is one feature that they will be adding soon.

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Pokemon Trading Feature

In addition to a PvP mode, many Pokemon GO players are likely waiting for the Pokemon GO trading feature too. Maybe this and other cool features will be in store for fans this December. Everyone should keep an eye out for the Pokemon GO final update 2016 and other announcements from Niantic Labs.

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