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Pokemon GO Fest Chicago Teases Unown Spawns

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Pokemon GO Fest Has A Ton Of Surprises
Pokemon GO Fest Is Coming Soon To Chicago [Image Courtesy Of Niantic]

Niantic is readying what looks to be yet another exciting event for Pokemon GO and this is the first time that the developer is holding an area-specific event for the augmented reality title. We’ve yet to know the mechanics of the upcoming event but Niantic is teasing what’s to come . The Pokemon GO Fest Chicago could even give players a chance to capture some of the rarest gen 2 Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Fest was revealed with a promotional image that reveals what could be the Pokemon being highlighted in Chicago’s event. The Pokemon teased include Blastoise, Pikachu, Charizard, Heracross, Snorlax, Larvitar, Butterfree, Marill and Togepi. The, image also shows one of the most rare Pokemon in the game currently, Unown.

The mechanics of the event are unknown yet but there’s a good chance that players will have access to increased spawn rates for a few Pokemon for those who attend the Pokemon GO Fest Chicago event. Most events of Pokemon GO give players access to increased spawn rates of some Pokemon so it’s going to be no surprise if this bonus is retained in the upcoming event.

If Unown’s are going to have increased spawn rates at the Chicago event, then those in attendance are in for a treat as Unown remains to be one of the rarest Pokemon in the game. Since there are several forms of Unown already in the game, collecting them is an even bigger chore. The Pokemon GO Fest Chicago could be a good way to stock up on several Unown forms that are usually very hard to find. Niantic might’ve added two Unown Pokemon in the promotional image for a reason.

The upcoming anniversary celebration is one of the most unique events in the game so far. The event will take place exactly on July 22 at Chicago’s Grant. Tickets for the exciting event will begin selling on June 19, 10 AM PDT. When it comes to details regarding the event, Niantic is remaining silent for now.

“Expect a day filled with Pokémon GO fun and exploration, including live group activities, in-game events, the chance to meet fellow players, and unique challenges for the chance to obtain special rewards,” says Niantic. We can expect to see the specifics on the upcoming event in the coming days.

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