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Pokemon GO Female Pikachu Out In The Wild! Changes You Should Know

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Pokemon trainers can now look forward to more surprises out in the wild as they try to catch new Pokemon. Now there is a bigger chance of players to capture female versions of Pikachu in the Pokemon GO game.

We have recently learned that there were gender codes found in the latest APK file. But there was no concrete timeframe as to when this update will be made.

Female Pikachu

According to Pokemongohub, players have already experienced a lot of female Pokemon sightings in the game. These are in the forms of male and female Pikachu and Raichu.

To know the difference between a male and a female Pikachu, pay particular attention to their tails. Male Pikachu sports the original thunder bolt shaped tail. On the other hand, female Pikachu has the tip of their tail shaped into a heart.

Although there are minimal differences among the two genders, female Pokemon can have the same IV values as well as the maximum CP values as the male. Reports of female Pikachu and Raichu are the only valid gender specified Pokemons as of now.

Your in game tracker can also detect these female Pokemon as well. PokeStop screens can also detect female Pokemon. But this doesn’t clear any speculation of possible a Pokemon breeding feature in the game.

Hopefully, the Pikachu and Raichu genders would be the start of a new Poke-trend in the game. We can anticipate to look forward to other Pokemon with gender variations in the near future. If ever there would come a time when more Pokemon get more gender specific features, players should better pay more attention to the tiniest details on their Pokemon.

Differences such as female Raichu not having a pointed tail or Venusaur females having a seed in their flowers are just a few examples. Differences between male and female Raticate, Ratata, Golbat and Zubat are more difficult to pinpoint. The two former Pokemon female versions have shorter whiskers while the two latter ones’ female versions have shorter fangs.

We could also assume that these gender specific Pokemon update would only be applicable to selected Pokemon for the meantime. This list can include Pokemon such as Butterfree, Gloom, Vileplume, Kadabra, Magikarp, Doduo, Goldeen, Rhyon, Gyrados, Scyther, Seaking, Rhyhorn, Hypno, Alakazam and Dodrio.

Poke trainers from now on better keep an even keener eyesight if the would want to catch female creatures in Pokemon GO. Just remember to always check even the smallest details of their appearances.

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