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Pokemon GO Features Special, Great, And Ultra Boxes For The Holiday Event

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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Many Pokemon GO players were horrified at the initial thought that a holiday event may not be coming to the popular mobile game this season. But luckily the holiday event did end up pushing through and along with it are the season?s goodies. The latest Pokemon GO Holiday is finally up and running and Niantic is spoiling you with Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes this season!


Pokemon GO?s holiday event started last December 25 and is set to continue until the afternoon (PST) of January 2017. The Halloween event gave players extra candy and more chances to catch ghoul themed Pokemon. This time around, the holiday event is set to help players hatch and catch new Pokemon.

Players can receive a free single-use Incubator from Pokestops everyday. Players simply need to do their Photo Disc spin beforehand. The free daily Incubators are sure to help players since players have better chances in hatching Gen 2 Pokemon during the event.

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As for Pokemon, soon to be rare seasonal Pikachus with Santa Hats are running around in the wild. Finally, the Gen 1 starters, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle along with their respective evolutions, will now start appearing more frequently.

Special, Great, And Ultra Boxes

Pokemon GO?s holiday event has revealed the season?s Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes. And we?re here to spoil you guys with what?s inside all of them.

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First up is the Special Box. The Special Box will come at 250 Pokecoins and will have 2 Egg Incubators and 10 Great Balls.

Next up is the Great Box. The Great Box comes in at 550 Pokecoins and has 4 Egg Incubators, 20 Great Balls and 2 Incense. The Great Box is worth twice the Pokecoins but has the added bonus of 2 Incense.

Finally, the best deal is the Ultra Box. The Ultra Box is worth 1,500 Pokecoins but will give you 20 Ultra Balls, 6 Egg Incubators, and 25 Incense. This holiday season is definitely the best time to spend all the Pokecoins that you still have stashed away.

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