Pokemon GO Features You Shouldn’t Expect: Wild Pokemon Battles, Normal Eevee Evolutions And More

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Pokemon GO

More than being a titular Pokemon game, Pokemon GO does its own thing and is different from the main releases on handhelds. Additionally, Niantic has introduced a different system of meeting wild Pokemon and evolution systems in the game. Here are more features that you shouldn?t expect to be the same to those in the major titles.

Wild Pokemon Battles

As seen in the game, you?ll have to walk around your area to find a Pokemon to catch. When you see one though, you can?t fight them with your own creature in Pokemon GO. Players will have to rely on catch rates instead of the usual ?weaken it first before throwing a ball? approach. If you run out of Pokeballs, make sure to visit PokeStops near your area. These systems negate any battles happening against any wild Pokemon and literally transform the whole world into a large tall grass patch in the Safari Zone.

Normal Eevee Evolutions

In the main video game entries, Eevee is a Pokemon known for having multiple evolution paths depending on your treatment or the special item you use on the creature. However, in the mobile game, Eevee randomly evolves to any of his forms due to the Evolution Stone system. Fortunately you won?t have to catch many Eevees as the Evolution Stone system has been scrapped in favor of the ?Candy system?.

The AR game only covers Generation 1 Pokemon, so the random chances are only limited to Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. Niantic and Nintendo may look into this as evolving Eevees may get more difficult if new Eevee evolutions are added per new Pokemon Generation in the mobile game. Additionally, the new Candy system may make getting Eevee evolutions easier to do regardless if its randomized or not.


Unlike the main Pokemon games, PvP in Pokemon GO isn?t a turn-based battle with a chance of completely denying your enemy of significant damage if you play your Pokemon right. Fights with other players can only be done in Gym Battles.

Gym Battles in Pokemon GO doesn?t happen in real time. Players will have to leave one of their Pokemon to guard their own gyms, and challengers will face these AI-controlled guards to contest Gym ownership. We?ll have to wait if Niantic implements a real-time battle system in the game and see if it?ll follow a similar format to the main Pokemon game?s battles.

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