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Pokemon GO: More Features Niantic Should Add

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Pokemon Go

The current version of Pokemon GO is enough to satisfy our Pokemon catching and training fixes. From the looks of things, we may be stuck with our smartphones longer than expected. Aside from battery and data consumption woes, we’re pretty much content with the game. However, there may be a few things Niantic should add to the game to make it better.

Pokemon Amie ????????????????????

One of the first things to point out in Pokemon GO is it lacks the ability to create a certain bond between the Pokemon and the player, and everything about the game centers around battling Pokemon only. A good feature to add is a mode like Pokemon Amie. We’re sure players would like to establish a bond with their virtual pets instead of just collecting them. It doesn?t have to be a full-fledged interactive mode between players and Pokemon, but being allowed to feed and pet them should be enough.

Offline Mode

Due to the high count of players getting in the server, some are having a hard time playing. To resolve this issue, Niantic should add an offline mode to the game. An example of an ideal offline feature is one that allow players to train Pokemon while offline. The collected CP will then be carried over when the player reconnects. It would also be better for fans since they don?t have to always be online to enjoy the game.

Battery Saver Options

For now, players have to manually make sure that their batteries are still alive when playing Pokemon GO. The game consumes a lot of battery life, and we?re a bit surprised that Niantic didn?t add enough battery saving options to the game. There are a lot of ways players could save battery life like lowering brightness, closing other applications and more. Despite doing all of these, it is still not enough to prevent your phone from overheating getting its battery completely drained.

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