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Pokemon GO: Features It Should Get From The RPGs

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO tries its best to bring our favorite creatures as close to reality as possible through the use of augmented reality. The game does this excellently and fans are loving it, but it?s not without a few flaws. Since Niantic?s latest venture is based on the highly successful Pokemon series of RPGs, we think that it could learn a lot of things from Game Freaks? biggest franchise. Here are a few features that Pokemon GO should take from the Pokemon RPGs.

Pokemon Amie

Time and time again, we?ve said how Pokemon GO fails to create a certain bond between the trainer and the virtual pet, and Pokemon Amie is what the game probably needs. First introduced in Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Amie allows the player to get closer to his Pokemon by allowing him to pet, feed, interact with any Pokemon in the current roster through the use of the 3DS? touchscreen. Smartphones are perfectly geared for Pokemon Amie, thanks to its huge screens and rear camera.

Online Trading

Niantic has said before that it will release the trading feature sometime in the future, and players are pretty excited for it. The developer is yet to describe just how exactly trading will work, but it?s likely that Niantic will limit trading to players that are near each other. However, it would be a lot better if online trading is allowed so that getting region-locked Pokemon is less of a hassle.

The Battle System

The Pokemon RPGs have retained the basic turn-based combat system it had since the game launched in 1996. Despite being slower in pace as compared to Pokemon GO, fans love Game Freaks? simple attempt at Pokemon battling. Some players might prefer this over Pokemon GO?s more action-packed battle system, and those new to the series might eventually like it as well.

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