Pokemon GO Features You Didn’t Know: PokeStop Cooldowns, Using Berries, And Evolution Bonuses

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Pokemon GO

While it?s exciting to get out there and keep exploring Pokemon GO as you progress in the game, you should know about its systems early on to save time and effort rather than surprising yourself with how they work in the long run. Since the mobile game banks on players going out and traveling from one place to another, knowing these systems thoroughly may help them not only save time but also some resources. Here are some features of the game that you may not know about.

Berry Use

Out of all the Berries in the Pokemon series, only Razz Berry has made it to the game. In the original games, Razz Berry has no effect when used, but it could be a crafting ingredient for the berry systems in the games. In Pokemon GO, Razz Berry improves your chances in catching a Pokemon. The effect doesn?t stack, so be sure to only use one per attempt. The Razz Berry effect wears off per throw, so make sure to make your next throw count or you?ll have to use another Razz Berry.

Only use Razz Berries on Pokemon with orange or red circles when catching. According to the official guide, Orange circles mean the Pokemon are slightly difficult to catch, while Red circles indicate ?extreme difficulty? in catching. Meanwhile, Green circles denote ?low difficulty,? so be sure to hold your berries when you see one.

Pokestop Cooldowns

As seen in the title?s gameplay video, PokeStops refresh their free loot if you leave them alone for awhile. It takes at least five minutes for the PokeStop to cool down, and the clock will only start ticking if you get away from it. This system prevents players from camping at a Pokestop for its free loot, and it somehow balances out the players using Lure Modules to farm Stardust and candies from caught Pokemon. Additionally, this allows players to reuse Pokestops near their vicinity instead of traveling.

Caught vs. Trained Pokemon

In the main Pokemon games, trained Pokemon are sometimes better than caught ones because their stat growth can be controlled, and there?s a chance for bonding bonuses for different evolutions. However, Pokemon GO operates differently as the Pokemon only gets Combat Point bonuses in their next evolution. Manually evolved Pokemon are sure to start out strong in their next form, while caught Pokemons? strength is the same from when you get it off the street. Despite the manual evolution bonuses, both trained and caught Pokemon have similar potential, as the CP limits of your Pokemon is decided by your trainer level. This allows the player to focus on earning exp if they?re focusing on the game?s Gym systems instead of just collecting Pokemon throughout their travels.

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