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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap And Pokesniper: Will Users Get Banned?

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Niantic is really cracking down on cheaters and banning those who use software tools to alter the Pokemon GO gameplay. Can Niantic ban you if you use Pokesniper and FastPokeMap to find rare Pokemon easily? Niantic has already closed many such apps, and banned many accounts. If you are using some third party apps from your account, there are chances that the next one could be you.

Many Pokemon GO players are using Pokesniper to easily gain an advantage in the game. The app does more than just locating Pokemon. With Pokesniper, players are not required to move their character to catch Pokemon. Players can simply put their longitude and latitude to locate and ?snipe? Pokemon in real time.

Another web-based application that works in a similar way to PokeVision is known as FastPokeMap. Even after Niantic?s crackdown on third party tracking sites, it has yet to shut down FastPokeMap. The app helps players find Pokemon to catch in real time. Although, this application is obviously not a legit way to catch Pokemon, it is not directly connected to the users? Pokemon GO accounts. Banning the users of this application is obviously not possible for Niantic.

On the other hand, Pokesniper collects information available from crowd. Players find Pokemon and then share the locations with fellow members on the Pokesniper application. The developer of the application claims that Niantic won?t ban you if you use it.

If we look at the nature of this application, this is just another app that encourages Pokemon GO cheats and hacks. Niantic will most likely ban the use of this application. Many players have lost their account in the last couple of weeks, and there are chances that those using such applications will be in trouble anytime soon.

Using third party apps to cheat in a game is obviously not worth the risk it brings as you can lose your entire progress completely. Niantic has already said that such applications are against its terms of use. If the company finds any suspicious activities in your account, they might put a temporary ban or permanently ban your account.

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