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Pokemon GO: FastPokeMap Creator Says Bots And Tracker Apps Are Now Dead After Niantic’s Latest Update

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been through a rough roller coaster ride during its short history, and it has both been hated and loved by fans. Niantic is slowly picking up the pieces of the augmented reality game by giving it new features and removing some troublesome issues in the title. It?s also possible that the latest update assures that botters and cheaters can no longer make their way to the game.

The creator of FastPokeMap recently said in a series of tweets that it might be difficult to bypass Pokemon GO and use bots after the update. The series of tweets started with the Twitter account announcing a downtime for FastPokeMap. The downtime is apparently caused by a new security measure by Niantic.

The moment Pokemon GO detects any abnormal activities with the account, it will ask for an in-game captcha to be answered. It?s the same basic concept that some websites use to avoid bot accounts and spamming. The Twitter account speculated that Pokemon GO might use Google?s reCaptcha technology as the in-game captcha. This is likely because of Niantic?s close ties with Google.

However, the Twitter account then posted an image of the alleged captcha. The image below is what the captcha looks like. It?s a series of images of Chihuahuas and Muffins. It?s likely that players will be prompted to tap a picture of a Chihuahua or a Muffin to bypass the Captcha.


Aside from botters, it?s also likely that third party web apps might have a hard time getting through the game? s data. The creator of FastPokeMap said that he isn?t sure as to whether or not the app will continue running after the update, and fans have to wait for a while to see.

It?s good that Niantic is taking a step against bots, and although the captcha method is a bit odd, players are hoping that it can really prevent cheaters from the game.

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