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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternatives As Tracker Permanently Shuts Down

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Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO update has disabled the online trackers, so you may be looking for FastPokeMap alternatives on mobile and web. Not all the trackers that claim to show Pokemon spawn locations work accurately, and most of them have already stopped working, but there are still some applications which you can use as FastPokeMap alternatives.

PokeAlert is one of the trackers that still works. The Pokemon GO tracker works in an almost similar manner to FastPokeMap, but it is available on Android. The application can be considered as a FastPokeMap alternative, and for those looking for Pokemon locations in real time, PokeAlert can help.

Another Pokemon GO tracker is Pokemesh which is available on Android and iOS; it is also getting a Web version soon. The mobile applications are currently working, while the web-based version of the tracker is still in beta. Its developer has also released an update to make the application survive against Niantic?s security patches.

For iOS users, GoRadar is still working, but after the latest update, the application is not functioning properly. However, it can be used to locate lured Pokemon.

Almost all the reliable trackers have stopped working, but there?s still hope. After the latest Pokemon GO patch, almost all the sensors and trackers have started facing issues. Whether it?s a mobile app or web-based applications, Niantic has tightened the security, and the APIs that claimed to fetch data from Niantic servers have stopped working.

Usually, a large number of third party applications rely on each other and if one goes down, it makes other applications stop working too.?As Niantic is strict with the use of third party apps with Pokemon GO accounts, the use of abovementioned applications may lead to an account ban. Users are advised to use these applications at their own risk.

Last week, Niantic rolled out three updates for the game, and one of them was for the Nearby tracker. Although the company has not shared anything regarding banning the third party tools, the latest updates have made FastPokeMap go down. It seems that Niantic will no longer tolerate these tools and eventually, tracker developers would stop investing time and effort.

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