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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternatives List: All Working Trackers For Android And iOS

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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap

You must be looking for a list of Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives for Android, iOS and on PC. Here?s a list of all the working Pokemon GO trackers available on these platforms, even after Niantic?s previous update that took down FastPokeMap.

There are some apps that might require you to add your Pokemon GO account, while some of the apps don?t ask for anything and let you search nearby Pokemon quickly.

Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternatives On Android

How many do you need? Here are five Android applications that are running flawlessly and can help you track Pokemon spawn location easily. The first is Pok?map that doesn?t require any account linking; all you need to do is solve captchas. All the other applications which include PokeAlert, PokeMesh, PokeSensor and PokiiMap will need a Pokemon GO account to be linked. To keep you on the safe side, we suggest creating a dummy account to link with these applications. So in case Niantic bans the users, your original account and its progress won?t get affected.

Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternatives On iOS

For iOS users, there are some working Pokemon GO trackers available. Here we?re sharing the details of three trackers that managed to survive Niantic?s update and are available on the Apple Store. Pok?Tracker is available on the store and requires players to create accounts by solving captchas. The number of accounts may range between five to 20. The next application is PokeSensor. You can use dummy accounts to access this application and it will start giving you the results. The third application is Beacon GO. This application doesn?t exactly work like FastPokeMap, but it is a pretty good application which can be used as an alternative.

Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternatives On Web

Some of the popular Pokemon GO trackers such as FastPokeMap and PokeVision have stopped working. There are only a few options available for players. Reddit users suggest that gomap for web is still working, while PokeHunter and PokeSearch are facing issues since the latest update released.

As mentioned above, players should be very careful about using any third party application with Pokemon GO, because Niantic wouldn?t mind banning accounts anytime, and it can either be a soft ban or a permanent ban.

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