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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternatives: Brand New Trackers That Works On Niantic’s Latest Android And iOS Update

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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap

The hunt for Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives has given birth to many Pokemon trackers for iOS, Android and web. As Niantic recently banned many Pokemon GO accounts, players are looking to new trackers that are safe to use and do not link their main Pokemon GO account to any third party tool. Here are some new trackers which you can try.


GoBro can be considered as one of the easiest and safe Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives. The tracker has been updated to support API 0.45.0, meaning that the scanning is still functional after the latest update.

GoBro doesn?t require any dummy accounts and works on crowdsourced maps to enable players find Pokemon location directly on the map. The application is available on iOS, and the developer has assured fans about an Android version release. The best thing about the app is there?s no need to spend money?as it is completely free to use.


The tracker has already proved that it provides accurate scan results for players on iOS. The realtime scanner requires you to solve captchas ranging between five to 10. Completing captchas may sound annoying, but if you complete them, you can start getting scan results within the 400m map range.


Previously, we listed this tracker as one of the best Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives, and it still works flawlessly. After the latest update, the application got many new features and improved the existing ones. The application supports multiple accounts, so you can create some dummies and keep your original one safe.


The tracker is also doing well for those who have downloaded it on Android. The application doesn?t require your login details and is good for those who want to see lured Pokemon, PokeStops, Gyms and Pokemon spawns on the map. If you are looking for Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives, the abovementioned apps won?t disappoint you.

If you are looking for more applications, here?s our list of other trackers working on mobile and web platforms.

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