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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternatives Banwave Started By Naintic! Trackers You Should Avoid

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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap

Not all the Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives are safe, as Niantic is banning accounts again. A fresh wave of account banning has just been initiated by the developer, and it has banned the accounts linked to any third party Pokemon trackers. Earlier, we shared a list of working trackers for iOS, Android and Web. Now, here?s a list of trackers you should not use.?

Many of the reports coming from players use Pokealert. Although not all the Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives are safe, Pokealert users say that many of their accounts were banned recently. According to players, this is a new banwave from developer Niantic, because after the last update which was released on November 7, no such issues were seen with this application.

Similarly, applications that use API are in trouble because Niantic is banning such trackers, and the users are getting their accounts banned.?Fortunately, many players are using dummy accounts to avoid such bans, and as noted by on Reddit, they have lost hundreds of Pokemon GO accounts recently.

There are some trackers which are still working though. For example, PokeTracker is still active and was updated today. A player says ?that the ban is affecting the accounts created and used before the new API arrived. Only the scanner accounts are getting affected due to this ban on Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives.

Those using Pokemesh also report that their accounts are no longer functional. Niantic has not made any official statement regarding any such update. It will likely remain silent over the bans and may have implemented some new security features to ban players who used Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternatives to track Pokemon locations. If you are using any of them, it is strongly recommended to not link your original Pokemon GO account with any of the third party trackers. Even if you have created a new account, linking it with any such application might lead you to lose all the progress you?ve made so far.

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