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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Alternative: New iOS App PokeTracker Has Notifications, Live Lure Status, And More

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Pokemon GO FastPokeMap

If you?re looking for a Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternative, here?s one for you that works flawlessly after Niantic?s latest update. The new iOS application called PokeTracker has almost all the necessary features, including notifications, live lure status, ability to display Pokemon location on the map and much more. The application is available on iTunes and is considered by some as one of the best FastPokeMap alternatives.

PokeTracker shows where all the Pokemon are spawning without requiring you to manually enter your Pokemon GO account details. The application allows users to filter the results to show the exact Pokemon type. The app also lets players get the direction to reach a specific Pokemon spawn location, and it also enables players to share the data with friends.

Those who used PokeTracker say that the tracking radius is more than what they expected from the application. On a Reddit thread, the developer of the application claims that using this application will not ban your Pokemon GO account. The developer claims that Niantic would not be able to track your device identity and account through PokeTracker, so it is completely safe and has ?incredibly tiny? risk.

The Pokemon GO FastPokeMap alternative also lets players scan data of a location where they are not present. The developer says that he needs to release an update to allow this functionality, as Niantic doesn?t allow travelling faster than 40kph. The update 1.1 for the tracker has already been submitted to the Apple Store for review. The developer says that more features will come out in the future.

PokeTracker is available in free and paid versions. Those interested in downloading the app should be careful with their accounts because the application is still new and there?s no assured 100 percent safety when it comes to using third party trackers for Pokemon GO. Although the application works flawlessly for many players, it still needs to be updated to support 32-bit devices. Some players have also reported crashing on iPhone 6 and iPad Pro as well. You can download PokeTracker here.?

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