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Pokemon GO FAQ: Answers To Your Frequent Questions Of The Game

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Pokemon Go FAQ

Pokemon GO is the latest game which is blazing through the App Store and Google Play charts. The game which allows you to catch Pokemon in the real world has been one of the most awaited mobile games to be released in the past few years. The game is becoming a craze worldwide and you will likely see more and more people try to ?catch ?em all? in the coming weeks.

With every new game, it is certainly normal that players will have a lot of questions. Whether it be about the gameplay, bugs or just general questions how to win, new players will surely have a lot of questions about Pokemon GO. If you have questions about the game, here are some of the Pokemon GO FAQs and answers which can help you out.

  • Do I need to go outside to catch Pokemon? ? Well you can try to search for Pokemon inside your home but chances are majority of the Pokemon will be found outside.
  • Where can I find a specific Pokemon I want to catch? – Niantic Labs has made each Pokemon?s location dependent on what kind of Pokemon it is which certainly makes the game a lot more realistic. Thus if you want to catch water Pokemon you would have to go near a body of water.
  • Is it normal that the game drains my battery really quickly? ? Pokemon GO gameplay is very intensive as it uses your smartphone?s GPS and renders 3D images so it is only normal that it drains your battery really fast.
  • Can I use two different accounts on different teams to help boost my level? ? This is a big no-no as it is against the Terms of Service of the game. It is called ?multiboxing? and is considered as cheating.
  • Can I play Pokemon GO while driving or riding my bike? ? That is not a good idea as you can end up getting into an accident. Safety is always a big concern with any augmented reality game so only play the game on your feet and always stay alert.

Pokemon Go gym battle

So, what are you waiting for? Get your smartphone and play Pokemon GO and catch as many Pokemon as you can so you can be on your way to becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

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