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Pokemon GO Falls:Players loosing interest, Still Has 30 Million Daily Users

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Pokemon GO

Niantic Labs released Pokemon GO on July 6. Soon it became world?s most famous game for mobile devices. Reports claim that number of Pokemon GO users is continuously declining since the mid of July.

Pokemon GO is, without any doubt, one of the most famous games for mobile phone. Within the weeks after its launch in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, it became the most used app. Within one week, it left Twitter behind in terms of popularity and users connected. But, as everything comes with an expiry date, Pokemon GO is declining as people are losing interest in the game.

Analytics firm, Apptopia conducted a survey on the popularity of Pokemon GO. Bloomberg published the chart by Apptopia that shows the decline in the number of users connected to the game. Pokemon GO reached around 45 million users in mid-July. Since then, the users have been reduced. Currently, there are around 30 million users playing the game daily.

Pokemon GO Daily Active Users chart

Courtesy of Bloomberg

While it is bad news for game developers, it came as a sigh of relief for investors and executives of social media firms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. These site were affected due to significant rise in the popularity of the game. Users shifted their focus from other mobile apps to Pokemon GO.

“Given the rapid rise in usage of the Pokemon GO app since the launch in July, investors have been concerned that this new user experience has been detracting from time spent on other mobile focused apps,” says Victor Anthony, Senior Analyst at Axiom Capital Management.

However, it is not an end for Pokemon GO as there is a lot more to come. Niantic is working on a new update that will bring second generation Pokemon and much anticipated trading feature to the game. Players are already waiting for the trading feature. It will definitely regain some users.

Moreover, apps and games measure no of users on the monthly basis not daily. The Verge believes that Niantic Labs can still maintain the no of users on the monthly basis. The payer will keep coming back to the game.

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