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Pokemon GO Fake GPS & Other Pokemon GO Gen 2 Hacks To Find Rare Eggs, Babies

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Fake GPS

Cheaters have been a real problem for Niantic Lab. Ever since the company released Pokemon GO, they have been exerting efforts to fight these hackers in the game. However, it seems like these attempts are still not enough for hacking tools keep in surfacing online. Here is one of those apps that is still available for trainers out there.

First of all, keep in mind that hacking or using any tool to modify the way of playing the game is prohibited by Niantic Lab. It is obviously against the terms of service of Pokemon GO and players who will be identified to be as cheaters will be banned for life from the game. But still, it would be your choice whether or not to use this tool.

Pokemon GO Hacking Tool

According to Slashgear, hacking the game today is very easy. It would  make their devices think that they are in a certain place, when in fact, they are not. This process is called “fake GPS,” which also allows them to control their GPS coordinates. Now, the publication noted the only thing to do is download the Fake GPS Joystick app from Google Play.

Fake GPS Joystick

To do this, there are certain steps that trainers need to follow. Here are they as listed by Slashgear:

  • Open Settings (Android Settings)
  • Open About Phone or About Tablet
  • Tap Build Number until the phone tells you you are a Developer
  • Move back to main Settings, tap Developer Options
  • Tap Mock Location App and tap Fake GPS Joystick app

The app will allow players to visit different places around the world without leaving the comfort of their couches. However, for the second time, keep in mind that using this kind of app will probably ban you from the game once caught by Niantic Lab. That being said, follow this procedure at your own risk.

As of writing, Niantic Lab has already banned tons of trainers in the game because of cheating. On a good note, those caught trainers will only have their accounts banned not their IP address. Meaning, they can always create a new one through the same device. But all acquired Pokemon will obviously be gone and you should catch them all over again.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and updates about Pokemon GO hacking. Are you going to risk your current account for a cheat like this? Or would you prefer to play safe to keep all your Pokemon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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