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Pokemon GO Exploits: Top 3 Hacks You Can Use

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Pokemon GO

Like all mobile games, there are some easy Pokemon GO exploits you can try out. It’s not as hard as it sounds either, as these ?hacks? are essentially nifty exploits that will likely be fixed in a future update. Until that update comes, here are a few easy hacks that can be used for fun in the mobile app.

One of these hacks involve taking over a gym after someone else has already beaten the gym leader. It was discovered by a Reddit user after he beat a gym leader’s party, as someone else decided to butt in and place his Pokemon party in the gym before the user could.

This is a move that will gain some notoriety from fans who just want to play the game in peace. It’s a mean move though and one that won’t be making the player any friends soon, since some gyms are really hard to find. Be wary of using this, unless it is with a friend who is willing to let you take the gym spot.

GPS spoofing is another popular hack in Pokemon GO, though this is much risky than the other ones as it can get you soft banned. The GPS spoofing can be activated with certain apps and allows players to move to PokeStops and gyms with no actual walking done. This is why it is considered a cheat, since these players don’t bother walking too much or socializing with other players.

Even Pokemon GO can be exploited

It’s still a risky move though, since doing this can get the player banned for a few hours. Back in the beta, players could actually get permanently banned for doing this, so it seems like Niantic has eased up with their punishments. They could also be saving these punishments when the game gets a worldwide release.

The last one is tricky, since it might be a joke. According to YouTube personality Rusty Cage, it is possible to get extra km for a Pokemon egg by putting it on a record player or tying your phone to a moving ceiling fan. This ?Pokemon GO exploit? is as ridiculous as it sounds and is not recommended.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries and should get a worldwide release soon.

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