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Pok?mon GO Exploit: How Players Placed Eggs In Gyms

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Pokemon GO Exploit

Recently, some players have been able to place eggs in Gyms. While this trick seems silly at first, this Pokemon GO exploit actually allows them to indefinitely hold a Gym as eggs can never be fought in any way. However, Niantic may have a permanent ban in store for these cheaters. Here?s how players may have placed eggs in Gyms.

According to Yukichuu?s thread in the Pokemon GO Reddit, players can use an egg as the Pokemon Gym defender through the help of a third party program. By any means, players cannot fight with eggs as they have no moves and stats. However, Niantic has started blacklisting third party apps for Pokemon GO and even banned caught users.

Normally, Pokemon GO Eggs hold a random Pokemon inside. Players must walk a set distance with their phone to hatch the incubated egg and claim their mystery reward. Due to the egg?s uncompetitive nature, it has no stats and moves, obviously.

If players use a third party program though, they can place the non-combative eggs in Gyms as Gym Defenders. Since the eggs have no stats at all, players can?t fight them even if they enter the battle. An egg has no moves to use and might not have available health to receive attacks. Due to this Pokemon GO exploit, players can hold Gyms indefinitely until Niantic fixes this issue.

Previously, Niantic started to cull third party programs off the game. Despite their helpful benefits to the game?s playerbase, third party programs use the game?s data which could be dangerous for its players in the long run. Additionally, players who use third party programs in the game will now be permanently banned instead of soft bans. If you?ve used a third party software to try out this Pokemon GO exploit, it might be better to uninstall it just to be sure. It?ll only be a matter of time until Niantic fixes these ?Egg? gyms.

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