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Pokemon GO Exploit: New Phone Crashing Gym Bug Niantic Should Fix

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Pokemon GO

Despite a new update that gets rid of the dreaded three-step problem, a new Pokemon GO exploit was recently discovered, and it needs to be fixed. Perhaps this is just something gamers have to expect with this mobile game since it is always online and uses AR capabilities, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying.

This newest exploit is not just annoying, but it’s a bit icky as well, since it involves the poison-type Pokemon Grimer. According to a Reddit user, players have had a very difficult time catching Grimer because its appearance actually causes the game to freeze for some. This is pretty annoying because the game is about catching them all, and that can’t be done when one Pokemon keeps freezing a player’s progress.

What makes this a Pokemon GO exploit is when a player is able to catch a Grimer and use it to break other player?s experience. Those unaffected by this issue can catch Grimer ?and place it on a Pokemon Gym and cause multiple crashes to some players who are hoping to beat the said Gym.

Obviously, this is a huge problem since all players have the right to challenge Pokemon Gyms and take it for themselves, assuming that they earn it the fair way, of course. Niantic did a great job when they finally took down the dreaded three-step bug, but it seems like there are even more problems to fix in the game.

Despite some fixes, Pokemon GO has some new problems.

Here?s hoping this issue, along with any others, gets fixed with the next bi-weekly update. Admittedly, this isn’t official, but Niantic had previously discussed wanting to release bi-weekly updates, and the developers have done a good job releasing them consistently, so there is a solid chance that we will see another update in two weeks.

Despite this Pokemon GO exploit being a problem, the game itself has improved a bit and could be close to getting a worldwide release. The mobile title has slowly been released around the world, so it might not take long before players everywhere can start catching Pokemon. The game will be available on both iOS and Android for countries that do not have it yet.

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