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Pokemon GO Exploit To Hold Gyms Longer

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Another Pokemon GO exploit has been discovered, and it’s not good for those who want to take over any nearby Pokemon Gyms. On the other hand, those currently defending their Pokemon Gym might not hate it as much. Either way, it’s one of the many issues that Niantic should consider fixing when making their next update for the hit mobile game.

One Reddit user stated that the bug occurs when a player is attempting to fight a Pokemon Gym and the Gym leader decides to place a stronger Pokemon than the previous one. When this happens, the one trying to take over the Gym will not be able to battle it again in 10 minutes, which will definitely annoy fans who’ve worked hard to power up their Pokemon’s CP.

There is also another way to activate this error. Players battling the Pokemon in the Gym that move out of the location will get an error after winning, so the previous Gym leader will retain his or her spot. It is a messy situation, though the previous method is more likely to happen.

What’s really annoying about this Pokemon GO exploit is the fact that it freezes the screen of the one trying to take over the Pokemon Gym. This will force players to restart the game, and they won?t also be able to challenge the Pokemon Gym for 10 whole minutes, which is very annoying.

Since Niantic just released an update, a new one addressing this problem could take a while. It’s a shame, but it’s the nature of the game since it requires constant internet connection. While this Pokemon GO exploit won’t bother anyone who just wants to catch and raise their Pokemon, it will definitely annoy those who like the game’s battle system, which is arguably one of the most fun parts of the mobile title.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The game has become available in more countries despite its faults and is currently a global phenomenon. Ever since the mobile game came out, there have been plenty of Lure parties that fans participate in just to catch new Pokemon. It’s a free download, with the option to purchase items with real-life money.

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