Pokemon GO: Does Excellent and Great Throws Improve Catch Rate?

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In Pokemon GO, there?s a variety of remarks that commend the player when catching the Pokemon using Pokeballs. However, players are guessing if these remarks only give additional XP gains or if they actually improve the Pokemon catch rates in the game. Here?s what we know so far.
On the official Pokemon GO support site, these ?Excellent? and ?Great? Pokeball throw remarks aren?t mentioned in the guide. As officially stated, Pokemon catching chances can be improved with the Pokeball kind and Pokemon GO?s ?color-themed circles? catching system. Other than that, the Razz Berries can only improve catch rates in one Pokeball throw, regardless if it misses or not. The guide does not state anything about the Pokeball throws, so they might possibly be just cosmetic.
Meanwhile, a SilphRoad Reddit thread has discussed this issue and triggered a minor debate on the effects of these Pokeball throws. Players are divided about these Pokeball throws actually meaning anything beneficial to catch rates.

Additionally, the official guide encourages players to do a ?Curveball? throw for the game?s Curveball bonus, but it doesn?t explicitly state its bonuses on catch rates. Currently, only Trainer experience bonuses are rewarded for landing a successful curveball, but this special throw doesn?t always assure a high chance of catching the Pokemon in one go.
Unless Niantic confirms otherwise, the ?Excellent? and ?Great? throws do not mean anything beneficial in the game. Besides maximizing their chances per throw, players can have better chances at catching the Pokemon by stocking up on better Pokeballs and Razz Berries in the game. However, some Pokemon have low spawn rates and wild Pokemon can flee in Pokemon GO, so players are often forced to take every necessary step to improve catch rates in the game.
Additionally, improving your Catch Rate in the game can also be solved by using Lure Modules and Incense. Technically, Lure Modules attract wild Pokemon to a PokeStop, while Incense lures them directly to you. With a ton of Pokemon around, you?ll be sure to catch more Pokemon due to their increased spawn rate, but they won?t always be the one you want.

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